About Us

Vegans Against World Hunger (VAWH), established in February 2019, seeks to alleviate hunger by raising money for, and awareness of, projects that provide people with vegan food or help them to grow their own, both in the UK and worldwide.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where no human suffers from hunger, starvation or undernourishment and where non-human animals are not used as food (or for any other purpose), but rather are treated with kindness and compassion.

Our Mission

To help feed hungry people, wherever in the world they are, without causing harm to non-human animals, by raising money for, and raising awareness of, vegan hunger relief projects.

Our Core Values

Compassion – We act with kindness and compassion to human and non-human animals in all that we do.

Respect – We respect each other, our beneficiaries and our supporters and always behave respectfully towards others, including those who are not in agreement with our vegan values.

Honesty – We are open, honest and transparent in all that we do, including how we fundraise and how the money we raise is spent.                                           

Caring for the Environment – We are committed to sustainability and aim to keep our footprints on the Earth as light as possible.                                                    

Efficiency – We are committed to keeping our costs to the absolute minimum necessary in order to fulfil our purpose.

Who We Are

Vegans Against World Hunger is run entirely by volunteers. There are currently three trustees; the founders Helen Wright and Julian Wilkinson were joined by Sarah Spector in May 2020. They all became vegan for the animals but soon realised that veganism can also help solve many of the world’s other biggest problems including feeding an ever-growing population.

Helen Wright Julian Wilkinson Sarah Spector
Helen Wright
Founder, Chair
Julian Wilkinson
Sarah Spector

VAWH has a small team of dedicated volunteers who support the charity in a number of ways, you can find out more about becoming a VAWH volunteer here.

Vegans Against World Hunger is a member of NCVO (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations).