Vegans Against World Hunger no longer raises money for projects.

Some of the projects we’ve raised money for in the past are listed below.

You may wish to consider supporting the following organisations:

A Well Fed World

Gen V  

Vegan Compassion Group

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, volunteered or supported us in any way. Together we’ve made a difference to many people both in the UK and abroad.

Mutual Aid Vegan Food Bank

Mutual Aid Vegan Food Bank is a Brighton based food bank which distributes vegan food and toiletries to anyone in the local community in need of help with basic supplies. Unlike many other food banks, they don’t work on a referral scheme so anyone, whether they’re vegan or not, can ask for help.

Worthing Vegan Food Bank Network

Worthing Vegan Food Bank Network distributes vegan food and hygiene products to people in need in the local community. Anyone, whether they’re vegan or not, can ask for help.

Sadhana Forest

The main work of Sadhana Forest is creating food forests in order to provide food security to local people and to combat deforestation and improve the local ecosystem.

Sadhana Forest currently has food forests in India, Kenya and Haiti.

Find out more about Sadhana Forest here:

Sadhana Forest India, 2003
Sadhana Forest India, present day
Tree planting workshop, Sadhana Forest Kenya
Newly planted sapling, Sadhana Forest Kenya

Kisangala Girls Club, Tororo District, Uganda.

The Kisangala Girls Club project provides training in sustainable organic agriculture and provides basic tools and seeds to its members who are school age girls who became pregnant during Uganda’s first Covid-19 lockdown. The project was set up in conjunction with our partner Devon Development Education (DDE)*, by their volunteer, Beatrice Okumu.

The name, Kisangala Girls Club, was chosen by the members and translates as Happy Girls Club. The training and practical support provided by Kisangala Girls Club ensures that the members are better able to feed themselves and their babies, and so far we’ve helped twenty girls.

Beatrice provides an introduction to sustainable organic agriculture, topics include; making liquid manure from green plants, making raised beds, making nursery beds and planting seeds. Each girl receives an African hoe and a panga (a cutlass) which are the two most fundamental tools needed by subsistence farmers. The girls are also given seeds to take home and plant.

As well as the agricultural training, Beatrice talks to the girls about the importance of attending ante- and post-natal clinics. The girls and their parents are really grateful for the practical support and advice they receive, and Beatrice keeps in touch with the girls to offer support whenever she can.

*Please note that DDE is not a vegan organisation and runs other projects which are not vegan. However, 100% of the money donated through Vegans Against World Hunger, went towards this vegan project.

The Uganda Food Parcel Project

Our Uganda Food Parcel Project which ran in conjunction with our partner Devon Development Education (DDE*) gave vegan food directly to families suffering from food poverty in the Mubende District of Uganda.

DDE’s Ugandan based volunteer, Godfrey Kisakye, worked with the headteacher of the local school to identify those families most in need. He then bought maize flour, beans, cooking oil and salt in the local town and delivered it directly to the families by motorbike. Many of those families were headed by elderly widows, caring for their young, orphaned grandchildren.

The following are some of the people this project helped:

  • A woman in her mid-seventies who lost all her family in Rwanda. She is unwell due to diabetes. She lives in a grass-thatched house which belongs to a neighbour and survives on food given to her by friends and neighbours. The day our food parcel was delivered she didn’t have anything she could eat for lunch.
  • A man in his mid-sixties who lives alone and has lung problems. He has a small, half-acre plot of land but because he has difficulty breathing, he can’t work the land. He rents half of the land in exchange for help growing some crops, but it often doesn’t provide enough to support him throughout the year.
  • A woman in her mid-seventies, who was widowed over 20 years ago, and her two grandchildren. She has a small piece of land where, with the help of her neighbours, she usually grows beans and maize. This year’s crops were destroyed by storms, leaving the family with no food. The only food they had before they received our food parcels was some bananas given to them by neighbours. They said our food parcel would last them around a month.
  • A 90-year woman who lives with her daughter and four grandchildren. She came from Rwanda and rents a small house with a small plot of land. This year they were growing beans and maize, but the entire crop was destroyed by a storm.

All of these people were in dire need of food and were so happy, relieved and grateful to receive our food parcels.

£30 bought enough to feed a family of five for 14 days. There were no UK overheads for this project and 100% of donations were sent to Uganda to buy food and cover the small transport costs associated with delivering the food locally.

*Please note that DDE is not a vegan organisation and runs other projects which are not vegan. However, 100% of the money donated through Vegans Against World Hunger, went towards this vegan project.

Crisis Relief in Beirut

Following the explosion in Beirut in August 2020 causing more than 200 deaths, 7000 injuries and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless, Seb Alex and Lebanese Vegans distributed vegan food and drinks to people in need and arranging vet care for injured animals.

Bath Vegan Food Bank

Bath Vegan Food Bank was a Vegans Against World Hunger-run project which provided food and other essential items to people (whether or not they were vegan) in and around Bath who were struggling financially.

The project was set up in May 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, and closed after three years, in May 2023. Bath Vegan Food Bank was a member of the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN).

We are very grateful to everyone involved in helping our Bath Vegan Food Bank Project including our fantastic team of volunteers, everyone who donated money, food or other items, the suppliers who donated food, and the shops which had food donation collection points for us.